Customer Testimonials


"...Got my SHEETER from____sign supply just a week ago. It works beyond my expectations. Took just a few minutes to set up and has already saved us hours of work. The Sheeter is a winner in the sign industry!" 

Nancy Saxon SIGN CRAFTERS Sylva, NC.


"...I bought the 24" set like 5 years ago after seeing demos at a sign show, and let me tell you... These two machines have probably been the most used tools in my shop" 

Comment from customer on "signs 101"

"...I love it. I need another set!" 

Chad Daly Pomona, CA.


"...I absolutely LOVE the Sheeter. One person can apply tape in half the time it would take four." 




"...The Weeder and masker have been a huge time saver. Have been using them both everyday for years. These are two of the best signage related investments I've ever made." 

Jerhemi, Illinois



"...Best thing we ever bought." 

JT Signs& Design, KY



"...I can't say enough good things about the SHEETER, except it has probably made us over a million dollars of profit over the past few years ... We cover about 4000 pieces a day with it." 

Barry Davis AUTOPOPS Carrollton, GA.



"...This was the only machine that didn't break down!" 




"...I used to block out a fair amount of time to mask vinyl for a big job, but now I consider masking a job as a minimal task that takes very little time." 




"...The SHEETER has made what used to be considered a large job into a small job at our shop. Taping 30 foot runs of large format material used to be something I despised, but with the help of this machine it is the easiest part of the entire process."

Joe Bohannon THE SIGN SOURCE U.S.A. Brooks, KY.



"...The weeder & Sheeter have been used around 12 - 15 hours per day for the past couple of years... we rely pretty heavily on these two machines."

  Allen Hemphill



"...Best thing in the sign business!" 

Susan Leadbeater SIGNAGE Jacksonville, FL



"... I absolutely love the WEEDER. We cut for hours at night, then in the morning I run the vinyl through the weeder. We go through 8 to 10 50 yard rolls a month. This used to create a huge mess of vinyl. The speed we have achieved in weeding is amazing and we can never go back the the old way!" 

Stuart Carr HOTLINE SIGNS Lakeway, TX.



"...I've only had them 1 week and already saved hours of labor...what used to take us an hour, now takes us maybe 10 to 15 minutes tops." 

Joe Enright NEXT DAY SIGNS Paramus, NJ



"....I hope our competition does not find out about this product! I feel it gives us an edge..." 




"...I love this machine...this is the best thing I've ever bought. I've told a couple of my friends in the business about it and they will probably be calling you!!" 

Bill Bates SIGNS OF ALL SIZES Las Vegas, NV



"...Fantastic!!!... It's even better than it looks... I had a lot of trouble taping by myself, not anymore." 

Dale Mulhall AMAZING SIGNS Shepherdsville, KY



"...We have a $20,000 Job to do, and have been just cranking it thing we ever bought." 




"...thanks so much for this product, we really use it a lot." 

Bonnie A GRAPHIC EDGE Escondido, CA



"...I've had it for about a week and love it. You can apply tape on a 10 foot section of vinyl in about 4 seconds, and best of all no squeeging. I only wish I'd bought one years ago. It's a great investment and isn't that much more than the typical pull tape applicators that need to be squeegeed by hand." 

Mike Paul member of EDGETALK