From your plotter to the WEEDER..this patented device removes all unwanted background vinyl from your computercut vinyl letters and images, greatly reducing the time consuming process of "hand weeding", and eliminating the need for a large work area.

Vinyl from your plotter/cutter is inserted into the machine through a separation blade where waste background material is stripped off. The letters and images are forced to remain on the backing paper.

Just turning the handle weeds vinyl in seconds!!

Waste or "weed" material is collected and compacted onto a paper covered spool, which when full of waste (approximately 30 yards), simply slide off and discard.

No more overflowing trashcans!
Weeds both intermediate and high performance vinyl.
Weed all sizes of vinyl, large or small, short or long!
You can weed a continuous 30 yard roll of vinyl without stopping! This light machine attaches to your table edge for convenience.

" has been a lifesaver
for us."

Raleigh Bledshaw MONOGRAPHICS
Harbor City, CA

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"...We've gone through miles of materials with it, we
made 15 grand in two
weeks, thanks to you..."

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From the WEEDER to the SHEETER...this patented laminating device is designed to quickly apply transfer paper under smooth pressure to your vinyl letters and images without any bubbles, wrinkles, or the need to squeegee! Also works great as a cold mount laminator for prints!

Simply insert vinyl media into rollers and...

turning of the handle applies transfer paper!
Application speed can be at more than 2 feet per second!
No more costly mistakes!
Turns production into a one-person operation.
The roll of premask is dispensed from the top spool directly onto the vinyl surface, and roll can be changed easily.
Handles a variety of tape sizes.
Machine attaches to your table edge for easy use.



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