Out of sheer frustration with the tedious process of hand weeding and tape application, and after miles of vinyl, costly mistakes and countless jobs…

We knew there had to be a better way!!!

The Weeder Sheeter machines were born in a small Southern California sign shop early in 1999. Business was brisk, deadlines many, overtime the normal. There was barely enough time to finish vinyl for the next day's installation… the thought of actually designing, modeling and testing prototypes seemed daunting. But, a secret was learned to completing seemingly insurmountable things… one small step… another step… evenings, nights… whenever.

With many designs and much discussion, a few working models were constructed. There was testing, 4 revisions in design, more testing and simplifications. Finally, designs for both weeding and laminator were settled upon, built and given to a few friends to try out at their shops. Upon favorable results, the decision was made, and the money dug out of savings, to bring it all to patent and share these timesaving devices with other sign graphic shops.

Our goal from the start was to create an economical, lasting, easy-to-use system that would be found in every vinyl sign producing shop in the country.

We want to thank the thousands now using the Weeder Sheeter system, and to those who are still hand weeding and hand masking… ask yourself…

How much is my time worth??


Tom & Karry Bilisoly
Bold Advertising Products

"...we've run hundreds of rolls of materials through already, and I can't imagine going back to the way we did this before...I almost wish there was a way to keep this from our competitors..."

Tim Hooper SIGN AUTHORITY Oakhurst, CA
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